For The Love Of Cat's...
Mia's On The Mews offers exceptional quality services to the cat's of Perth.

Mia's On The Mews is the ultimate in cat care!
Mobile Grooming Service
Purrfect for elderly or nervous kitties. Our luxury mobile grooming salon is designed for your kitties comfort...
Air Conditioned
Fully Insulated
Kitty only needs to go as far as her own front yard! For very timid kitties we can groom them in your home.

Kitty Sitting
Have a kitty who's happy to stay home when you go away? We will spend quality play time with her as well as taking care of her needs.

Luxury Kitty B&B
We have a beautifully appointed luxury holiday apartment especially for the discerning feline.

Behavioural and Emotional Therapy
Using behaviour techniques and the power of Australian Bush Flower Essences, we can help kitty through any problems!
Little Lion Species Appropriate Raw Diet
Click here to read information on cat nutrition.

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